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Welcome to Nordeast Makers Wiki[edit]

Nordeast Makers is a community maker space in Northeast Minneapolis. This wiki contains information about membership, equipment manuals, troubleshooting, and other resources for makers. If you're interested in adding to and helping keep this Wiki up to date, register for an account on the log in page. You'll also need to register to post in the forum.

What is a Maker Space?[edit]

A maker space is a community resource where local residents can become members to gain access to equipment, classes, and workspace. At Nordeast Makers, we are particularly interested in providing access to computer controlled machinery such as CNC routers, laser cutter/etchers and 3D printers. Maker spaces are great resources for small businesses, start ups and hobbiest.

How does membership at Nordeast Makers work?[edit]

Membership is $200 per month. With membership we provide basic instruction on the CNCs, lasers and 3D printers. Currently we do not offer wood shop classes, so we expect a member wishing to use the wood shop equipment will be thoroughly familiar and comfortable using it. However, we encourage and welcome you to ask other members and owners to help and/or show you how to use a piece of equipment. Our space is open 24/7 to members.
Member Sign-Up Process

Equipment at Nordeast Makers[edit]

If there's a piece of equipment you'd like to see at Noreast Makers, let us know at We get new equipment all the time.

Here's what we currently have

Materials at Nordeast Makers[edit]

We plan to begin stocking commonly used materials and CNC bits to sell to members starting this summer. In the mean time please see our list of favorite suppliers here

NEM Projects[edit]

NEM Project List

Getting started[edit]