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3D printer filament[edit]

  • Make sure to get 1.75 mm, PLA or ABS fillament. PLA is highly recommended as it is much easier to work with.
  • Micro Center in St. Louis Park stocks PLA and ABS and is the only local source I'm aware of.
  • There are endless online sources for filament. is a good place to start. Try to get high quality filaments with good reviews to avoid issues. Hatchbox and Makerbot filaments are good.


  • Menard's and Home Depot are a good choice for small amounts of acrylic.
  • E&T Plastics has a better selection and prices if you're purchasing larger quantities.

Adhesive backed vinyl[edit]

CNC Bits[edit]

  • Home Depot Stocks a 1/4" upcut bit.
  • Amazon carries quite a few bits and is great if you need them quick. The two below are tried and true.
  • Tools Today has one of the most comprehensive selection of high quality CNC bits.
  • Carbide Processors has a large selection of low to high quality tooling priced accordingly.
  • Precise Bits has reasonably priced bits. If you need small bits for PCB etching or otherwise, this is the place.


  • Adafruit has a great selection of micro-controllers, components and much more. NEM gets discounted prices on orders over $200. We do group buys occasionaly to hit the minimum. Let us know if you need something from them.
  • Mouser has a very comprehensive selection of electronic components.
  • Circuit Specialists is a great source for steppers, PSUs and other electronics.


  • McMaster-Carr has a great selection of fasteners and other hardware.
  • Fastenal is local but tends to cost more than McMaster.


  • Home Depot and Menards are both great sources for small quantities of basic materials including plywood, and common hard and soft wood boards.
  • Siwek has a much more comprehensive selection of lumber and has great prices on small and damaged pieces.
  • Youngblood is great for exotic woods and other specialty lumber but tends to cost more than the other options.
  • Ocooch Hardwoods is a family-run business in southwest Wisconsin specializing in specialty hardwoods and custom orders. They stock exotics, small and thin stock in all quantities.
  • Industrial Lumber is a wholesale supplier with great prices and the only local option for Apple Ply. Nordeast Makers has a cash account with them so let us know if you need something from them.


  • Discount Steel is the only place we go for metal. They have great prices and you can get scraps for cheap.