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Projects Overview[edit]

Enter your project information to inform others, share ideas, and or join a project that is looking for collaborators. More info, more ideas, more opportunities to explore. Project items to include:

Who: Contact Person or entity
What: Brief project description
When: Proposed start date
How: Machines used
Purpose: Motivation for project
Parts: Parts used
Materials: Materials used
Software: Software used, installed or developed
Status: Current project status -- proposed, in process (early, mid, late) , completed
Open Source: Y/N. If yes, state or give link to project source location
Collaboration: Are you looking for collaborators. If so, what particulars.
Code Name: Short-hand name
Documentation: Link to the project documentation page -- this is where you can cover more project information -- primary sources, iterations, instructions, lessons learned, whatever you'd like.

Project Directory[edit]

Acrílico Gordo[edit]

Who: Charles Walbridge
What: Charles W has a few dozen sheets of 12mm acrylic, pre-cut for the small laser, to share with other NEMakers. The acrylic used to protect the art at the Minneapolis Institute of Art (Mia), and we saved it from going to the landfill - I know it’s a great material for the laser cutters.
And here’s the catch: the things you create should use or be inspired by art from Mia (, and you should make an extra version of your successful makes for Mia. Use art that's in the public domain, not art where the artist or their estate still holds the copyright. (Short tutorial in the Software section below)
When: Spring and summer 2016
How: Email Charles with your ideas, and he’ll tell you where the secret stash of pre-cut acrylic is.
Purpose: Free acrylic! Can we turn this into a small revenue stream for NEM and Mia?
Materials: 12mm acrylic, and more if we can find it, pre-cut for the small laser
and for searches that will get you high-res images - you can filter by Public Domain, for example, or Oil on Canvas
Software: shows a search where you've searched for 'woodcut' in the public domain that has an image on Mia's site. Check the Filter button for more options. Available = art has an image on the website. 'Woodcut' also includes artists named Wood, apparently. But you get the idea.
Status: In process
Open Source: Y
Collaboration: Yes.
Code Name: Acrílico Gordo

Pan and Tilt Camera Base[edit]

OpenPanTilt Thumbnail.jpg
Who: Ken Chang
What: A micro-controlled, automated, pan-and-tilt camera base
When: Start: 18-03-2015
How: Laser cutter, 3D printer
Purpose: To make available as a pre-built or kit packaged sub $500.00 micro-controlled, automated, pan-and-tilt camera-base
Parts: stepper motors, easy stepper, arduino or raspberry pi controller
Materials; 3/8" clear acrylic sheets, PLA
Status: Early - Prototype Completed - Working on Production Versions
Open Source: Yes, Project Location: 0
Collaboration: Yes
If you have built or used a controllable camera mount before, know the ins and outs of programming servo motors, or simply want to participate
Code Name: PanoTilt
Documentation: Pan and Tile Camera Base

WiFi Speaker[edit]

Who: Ani Mandal
What: WiFi and Bluetooth connected controllable speaker
When: Start: 18-03-2015
How: CNC, 3D printer
Purpose: To use a micro controller to integrate a speaker into home and internet-based music services
Parts: Raspberry Pi 2 Model B, 12V 5A switching power supply, Stereo 20W Class D Audio Amplifier - MAX9744, Miniature WiFi (802.11b/g/n) Module, Verter 5V USB Buck-Boost - 500mA from 3V-5V / 1000ma from 5V-12V
Materials: Wood (?), PLA
Software: Volumio
Status: Startup early
Open Source: Yes, Project Location: 0
Collaboration: Yes
If anyone has experience with Raspberry Pi connected devices or is interested in participating
Code Name: BlueFi
Documentation: WiFi Speaker Documentation


MiniPolis Aerial4b.jpg
Who: Niko Kubota, Micah Roth, Jon Reynolds, and others
What: Near scale model of downtown Minneapolis built in collaboration with community participants in a series of workshops
When: Now
How: CNC, table saw, laser cutter
Status: Mid
Parts: 0
Materials: 0
Open Source: Y/N, Project Location: 0
Collaboration: Yes
Anyone wanting to design and make or assemble and decorate a building is welcome. Or, if you have other ideas to propose, please do so.
For more info go to:


Who: Ken Chang
What: Matrix Styled Bullet Time Camera Rig
When: now--project completion around Spring 2017 or Summer 2018.
How: A 180 or 360 degree or twisted track for a Matrix Styled Bullet Time Camera Rig
Purpose: To recreate the "Bullet Time" effect on a budget for indy films and commercial videos.
Parts: DSLRs, GoPros, cheaper off the self cameras or camcorders etc.
Materials: wood, aluminum, pla, carbon fiber.
Status: Proposed
Open Source: Yes, Project Location: 0
Collaboration: Yes
This is a great collaborative project for any one interested in photography or video.
Code Name: Cyclops
Documentation: Cyclops

Night Lily | Night Orchid[edit]

Who: Steve the Documentalist
What: A day-time solar charging plant that unfurls and powers an LED flower at night.
When: 2015
How: 3D printer prototyping
Purpose: Nightlight, first Anime Ecosystem object
Parts: micro-controller, light sensor, LEDs, solar panel, capacitor, motor, ???
Material: PLA, ???
Open Source: Yes
Status: Concept
Collaboration: Yes, open to all.
Code Name: First Bloom
Documentation: First Bloom Documentation

Portrait Matrix[edit]

Who: Steve the Documentalist
What: A matrix of laser cut portrait tiles.
When: Spring 2015
How: Laser cutter
Purpose: Practice transforming bitmaps into laser vectors
Parts: As yet unknown
Material: MDF for prototype, other wood for final cuts
Open Source: Yes
Status: Starting
Collaboration: Yes, open to all, and request photos from all willing members.
Code Name: MugsAhoy
Documentation: :Portrait Matrix Documentation

Madaba Mosaic[edit]

Who: Eric Boler
What: Laser cut veneer tiles to re-create the Madaba mosaic.
When: Start: March 2015
How: Illustrator, laser cutter software and laser cutter
Purpose: Expand knowledge of veneering techniques.
Parts: TBD
Materials: Dyed Veneers, aluminum plate
Status: Early
Open Source: Undetermined
Collaboration: Yes
If you know Illustrator or the laser cutter or just want to participate, please connect.
Code Name: Madaba
Documentation: Madaba Mosaic Documentation