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The rule book is under construction and subject to change

Before using our maker space

  • All members and their helpers must sign a waiver, even if not using equipment
  • Review this rule book
  • You must be a paying member in good standing to use equipment
    • You are welcome to bring your friends and family to the space, they just can't use our equipment unless they are members
    • If you need help with your project and you want your helper to be able to use our equipment we do offer add-on memberships for $50/month. Check with us for details

To use our equipment

  • You must be familiar with and comfortable using the piece of equipment you plan to use
  • Wear eye protection when using machinery and power tools
  • Wear ear protection when using loud equipment
  • Some equipment requires use of consumables that you, the member, must provide
    • i.e. Router bits and sanding discs. If you're not sure which materials this applies to, please ask.
  • If a piece of equipment is not working properly please email us immediately and place an "out of service" sign on the defective equipment.
    • In the email let us know specifics about the issue to help expedite troubleshooting

When done using our equipment

  • Leave everything better than you found it
  • Put all the tools you used back where they belong
  • Clear the tables and sweep the floor where you worked


  • In an effort to maintain a safe and clean work space we've designated shelves for storage
    • Shelves by the entry
      • You can only use one half shelf here. This is one of two places where you can permanently store tools/materials while you are a member. The other being a tool box under the pallet racking
    • Vertical storage to the right of the pallet racking
    • Vertical storage in the laser room
  • Label and date materials when you bring them into the space
    • If your materials are not labeled they will be subject to removal
  • You can store materials for your current projects only
  • If your project does not fit in the designated shelves you may store it out of the way while you work on it
  • If you discontinue membership and leave materials they may be recycled or used
    • If you plan to cancel and restart membership soon you must talk with us before leaving materials if you do not want them to be used or recycled
  • You may keep one tool box with a footprint of approximately 12" x 24" and less than 35" tall to be kept under the pallet racking
    • Larger storage/tool boxes can be kept for an additional monthly fee

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